Charity Grace Mofsen

Charity Grace's love of photography began thanks to a gift from her parents when they gave her a Canon Rebel, her very first camera. She became convinced that she was "about to take off" and naturally, life led her in many directions--and yet, photography continued to ground her and kept her attention.


Many years, iPhone cameras, and a B.A. in Sustainable Residential Design & Development from Maharishi International University later, Charity Grace found herself visiting Nantucket, and then shortly thereafter making it home. With a focus on finding ways to organically and authentically bring the community together, it is no wonder the off-season (or "potluck" season) is Charity Grace's favorite time on the island. It's the time when many islanders have more space to connect with each other and truly enjoy the serenity of the Grey Lady by playing music and sharing meals.


During the summer of 2019, Charity Grace shot her favorite photo, "Be the Light, Sankaty no. 2" under a new moon. "Nantucket's dark skies give the opportunity to capture the milky way which is such a gift," she said.

When not taking landscapes, chasing the Milky Way, and finding creative ways to slip human, furry, and product subjects into these settings, Charity Grace can be found playing music, frolicking the beaches and gardening in her yard.


Describing her photography style as meditative, Charity Grace wishes to bring hope, joy and comfort to others through her images... as she finds those same emotions herself while taking the photos.